Monday, September 27, 2010 mad at Eddie


  1. Now Kenya you know I plan on sending this video to everyone I know. This commentary is dead on. For so long I have been trying to tell people how hateful his messages were and how much of a bigot this man really is.. And you hit it all in this video. Im so glad I didnt graduate with my class on May 20th 2009 @ New Birth Missionary Baptist Church because that church and his teaching go against everything I stand for and believe as a woman who attended Spelman College. Despite the protest&petition from the FMLA @ Spelman and Afrekete two activist orgainzations the trustees of our board felt that his church was sutable for our commencement celebration. It looks like class of 2011 wont have there commencement @ New Birth.

    On another note, he did it, his hate and omission of innocences is clear GUILT..

  2. You're right Star. I just feel like its abusive more than anything, I can't for the life of my understand how any perfect creation of GOD needs to be submit to being submissive to another. Even the bible says that the only thing man was given dominion over was the animals and plants. To my knowlegde, woman was not mentioned. I think men are wonderful creatures and just as nature suggests it is the perfect union of the two that create...not through the submission of one to the other. Thanks for following me Starski!