Friday, September 24, 2010

....Big Fake Butts....Why???


  1. HAHA I so love you! Im uber proud of you. I know that we are confused and concerned that folks are obsessed with this however, we live in a society were we are constantly inundated with images telling us what were supposed to be. And who doesnt want belong? Women are unfortunately always struggling to stay afloat. We cant get old, we cant get fat, we cant be single, we cant be too emotional but we cant be too hard, we cant be friends cause were taught to believe we take each others boos, we cant just talk. In all that, the mutilation of our bodies isnt something new ...

  2. I get that...but my question is if the value is big does fake butt factor into that...isnt that really a plastic mold. Do I really like plastic molds or big butts??? If its the former, Fisher Price and Inserection has a solution for you! If its that latter all the chicks should be eatin and sleepin...tryna get a homegrown butt LOL. I'm a purist about my butts LOL. I do love your comment about, "what we can't do" as women. It was really profound. Thanks for following me...and always supporting me. I LOVE YOU!!!