Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stop being cheap!

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  1. $86 tab and they leave you $6? wow...if my tab is $70 or more then i'm leavin' at least $15 as a tip...because at that much, you might as well call it $100.

    a lot of it does also lie with the establishment...if you're in an upscale environment either you know you're tipping 20% or it's added to the bill. but i've seen it on the other side...a month ago i was at an upscale restaurant and everything about our service was so bad, but we tipped appropiately because of the locale, and the server's attitude changed DRAMATICALLY upon night's end. i get your point of view about tippin' "off rip" but at the same time, a person who gets bad service more than likely won't come back...which kills business. you will always have people who just don't tip or tip well.